thread breaks at every color change.

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thread breaks at every color change.

Post by adminemb » Mon Nov 11, 2019 3:05 pm

I have been battling thread breaks at every color change. Tried setting the cut to short, medium, and long. It seems the thread is being pulled out of the needle. thanks for any advice I can get on this.


If the thread is pulling out of your needle and you tried adjusting the tail length, take a look at the picker in front of the rotary hook and make sure it is moving smoothly in and out without touching any part of the hook support or bobbin case.
The length of time the picker stays in determines your tail length.

If it's not moving or hanging up on something your tails will be short and the thread will pull out of the needle as it starts to sew.

And it could also be the upper thread hook not pulling the tail sufficiently into the Velcro thread holder to keep the thread from pulling out of the needle .

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Often that is a tension issue, need enough to keep the thread from backing out when the machine "inches" after a trim, not so much that it pulls it out of the needle. i have found adjusting my tensions often fixes the pull outs. There is folklore about which tension knob does what, everyone thinks different.I just play with it until it works, keeping the total tension in the correct range.

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