Needles for Hats

Here is a link to a PDF that will get you started on Needles.

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Needles for Hats

Post by adminemb » Mon Nov 11, 2019 6:02 pm

Best needle for structured caps is the size 80/12 sharp. Many times needle breaks at the beginning of a design can be eliminated with proper digitizing. A special starting sequence of well-placed running stitches to pull the cap down. You can also try using a cap press to help “relax” the front of the cap before you hoop it. Be sure and use cap backing. Some embroiderers do not use cap backing because they think it is not needed. However, the backing helps pull the cap down to the needle plate which eliminates flagging. Flagging is when the cap crown bounces which deflects the needle causing it to hit the needle plate and break.

Hope this helps.

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