What are the best thread brands to use?

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What are the best thread brands to use?

Post by adminemb » Mon Nov 11, 2019 6:06 pm

Are people here sold and stuck on one particular brand of thread or do you feel that some brands are better for different applications?

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Re: What are the best thread brands to use?

Post by NDstitch » Sat Dec 28, 2019 3:58 pm

I tried several brands, but I found Fufu (Japanese) the most reliable. I was doing canvas bags for the superbowl when it was in Indy. White thread. Small design, all lettering. Easy peasy or so you'd think.

I ran out of Fufu (good easy run all the way down to the core). Dug out some new white Madiera. Ugh.nothing but problems. Pulling & thread breaks.
I had been stitching that design all day, so I knew it wasnt the design. Worst of all it did not look as pretty as the Fufu did - both rayon. I was in a time crunch so no time to order. I happened to remember a box sitting on the shelf had some spools in it. TG there were some cones of white Fufu in there. Enough to complete the run.

I also loved American Thread Inc. Not because it was easy to run (althoI had no problems). But because of the beautiful colors. Made right here in the USA but has a low following.

I do quilted jackets now & American thread cotton is THE superior decorative quilt thread, IMO.

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