What's the easiest way for removing excess foam?

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What's the easiest way for removing excess foam?

Post by adminemb » Mon Nov 11, 2019 2:03 pm

Hello everyone I have one question on the 3d foam what is the easy way
to remove leftover foam showing on finish designs I was told with a
blower dryer I would have to try it or those anyone have any
suggestion thanks again for your help.


A blower dryer works. A heat gun [available in the hardware department]
works very well but it does throw plenty of heat and could damage the
thread if not used carefully.

With puff embroidery, your first goal should be to have as few "foam
pokies" as possible after the stitching is complete [and before any heat
is applied]. This is achieved by using a well digitized puff design plus
a good quality foam.

Depending on your design, the foam you are using and your experience
...... sometimes what works best for puff embroidery is first tack down
your foam with a few small, strategically placed tack down stitches,
then run a very short stitch length edge walk underlay, inset about .5
mm from the edge of the design. Using this method, it is then possible
to use the perforations caused by the underlay to rip away the excess
foam ... before you even start stitching the top stitches.

Others swear by using a double layer of top stitching to give a cleaner
tear-away effect.



Yes I agree with Bob on this one. GOOD FOAM!!! You need to have dense foam.
( No jokes Bob ) If you have foam that when you press on it, compresses to
nothing then don't use it. When you digitize for Puff you must double the
density on the art.

Vinton Burns

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Post by RTstync » Sun Sep 12, 2021 12:03 pm

I have a plan and excellent credit, but little money to start. dont think ill need more than 15-20k where can i get help without the runnaround

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