EMS/Hoop tech hat frames and framing gage?

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EMS/Hoop tech hat frames and framing gage?

Post by adminemb » Mon Nov 11, 2019 5:19 pm

Is anyone using the EMS/Hoop tech hat frames and framing gauge? I have started doing a lot of hats and would like to hear from anyone using this product. I have never seen it.



I have a set that I bought few years back. I use it every once in a while, usually for a 3D Puff designs. It seams to held hats a bit tighter that the regular 270 hoop. It works better with flat bills and you will need to straighten pre-curved bills a bit to be able to hoop them.
Also, I like them a lot better that 270 hoop when working with unconstructed hats.

If you could find a set for a $200 that would not be a bad thing to have around.


Thanks for the reply, The one on Digitsmith is gone, it was also listed somewhere else. I'm doing a lot of the flat bill hats with structure in them. The problem I'm going to have is that I'm having shoulder surgery in a couple of weeks and will not be able to use my arm for a couple of months at least. This looked like a way that I could hoop hats with less stress or getting someone to help me.

Thanks again,


Hi Everette,

I use the Hooptech cap frames and framing gauge. I like them for the most part. The frame gauge has to be used carefully because you can easily rip a hat. There is an arm that pulls down on the back of the cap when it's in the gauge. This is supposed to allow for a snug fit when the cap clamp is secured. It pulls the cap front down and helps make the cap fit smooth and tight in the frame. The problem is it is really easy to ruin a cap by pulling too hard on this arm. For this reason I don't use the arm at all. I still use the gauge to hold the cap and cap frame. I just pull the back of the cap down with one hand while securing the frame.

One thing I recommend you do is check to be sure the frames you are buying are not bent or distorted. One weakness of the design is the cap is only held on the machine in two places (not good). If the frame is not tightly held the cap and frame wobbles on the machine during embroidery (also not good). I have had to "adjust" the securing points on the frames to be sure they snap securely onto the machine.

Overall, I like these frames. When they are working properly I think the design registration is better and needle breakage due to flagging is reduced. These frames are not designed for really wide designs or for side cap embroidery as they have a limited embroidery field.

Hope all this helps.

Rich Medcraft

StitchWise Embroidery Design
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