Mighty Hoops

What are the best hooping systems out there? Hoopmaster or just making your own jig for lining up a job quickly.
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Mighty Hoops

Post by wallacem170 » Wed Jan 08, 2020 11:37 pm

Mighty magnetic Hoops are the best hoops.

No pressure needed snaps into place easily. Only thing is to watch out for people with pacemakers and fingers while using them.

We use a 5.5 set for every left chest we do at the shop. My employees like it.
It's keeps great tension on it so I get a lot less puckering on tech garments than traditional hoops, even with basic backing material (1 3.0 oz cutaway on everything).

You should also be using their mighty hoop jig as well. You can pick up a basic set on ebay for an all right price.


For hats the we moved from the traditional tajima cap frames a few years ago to Ems gen 2 hat frames and have been very happy with the purchase. More consistent better quality end results.


I haven't used any slimline products hooptech makes but I am looking at them in the future.


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