Tips from Bob K on Nylon

Best needles. Best Backing. Type of Thread. Tips and Tricks for Nylon Embroidery.
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Tips from Bob K on Nylon

Post by adminemb » Tue Nov 12, 2019 1:53 pm

Don't know the nylon you will be embroidering on or the design but generally speaking the biggest challenge in stitching nylon [in particular light nylon] will be to reduce/eliminate puckering. So with that in mind .....

    • use a cut-away stabilizer
      - reduce the number of stitches as much as possible and remove all unnecessary short stitches
      - long stitches "pull" more than short ones so depending on your design, you may wish to reduce your stitch length
      - avoid stitch intensive designs when doing nylon
      - try to avoid too many stitches all going in the same direction. Having your stitches run in the right directions and stitching from the center of the design out can do a lot to help reduce puckering when stitching nylon
      - wrap your hoop in something like athletic tape to give it a better "grip" on the nylon
      - if possible, it may help to first lay down some running [basting] stitches UNDER the design prior to the actual stitching of the design. The purpose of these running stitches will be to attach the nylon to the underlay. This will help prevent material movement when stitching the actual design. Some embroiderers will use a light temporary adhesive to do the same thing
      - reduce your machine thread tensions slightly. Always properly adjust bobbin tension first and then your top thread tensions accordingly
      - find some old nylon material [or get some from a fabric store] that is similar weight to the nylon used on the jackets to practice on

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