Bird Nesting advice

What causes bird nesting and where do I begin to solve it?
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Bird Nesting advice

Post by DancingBayEmbroidery » Tue Dec 03, 2019 10:06 am

I have a TFMX-IIC1504 which bird nests on head 2 very often. I have adjusted tension and always am careful to adjust tension and oil the hooks on all the heads before starting a new project, but pay particularly close attention to head 2. I usually happens on needle 3 (white), but not always. Also, not doesn't do it on every run. I might run 3-4 times with no problem, then get a bird's nest. I could have a design that runs like 5-11-3-2 and it will bird nest on 3.

It's very tedious to pick all that out and sometimes the birds nest pulls the fabric out of the hoop (MightyHoops) which makes it hard to pick out and re-run, hitting the exact same spot. I usually don't have extras and do a lot of customer supplied onesie twosies. The larger order comes from the sporting goods store I subcontract for and I cannot get him to order extras. If something gets ruined, he overnight's another one which to me seems not cost effective. But, that's a whole nother story.

Any ideas on what else I can check, or do I need to call a tech to figure it out?

Alisa Davis
Dancing Bay Embroidery

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Re: Bird Nesting advice

Post by CadillacGreen » Wed Dec 04, 2019 4:54 pm

I am not an expert, but have a couple of thoughts...

You said it is only head 2 and it is usually white, but not always.

If it happens on other colors, the issue should be the hook or the bobbin case as, I would assume, upper tension problems would be the same needle, every time, causing the issue.

You said you always check tension, do you confirm bobbin case tension at the same time?

If you interchange bobbin cases and the problem still occurs only on head 2, then I would want to be sure the timing on the hook is correct for head 2. When was the last time you timed the hook on head 2?

Is it possible that the hook has something jammed in it? Have you tried swapping the hook with a spare and re-timing it?

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Re: Bird Nesting advice

Post by wallacem170 » Wed Jan 08, 2020 10:59 pm

Tighten up the top tension on that white head that is giving you trouble. There's no way for you to verify the tension using the H test on white. I suppose if you would have to switch the thread color on that troublesome needle to verify it's tension. However my suspicion is that your top tension is to light and pulling all of the thread under the design creating birdsnests. Do not be afraid of "over tensioning" the top thread in relation to the bobbin thread.

Since I've gone a little "over" (from the 1/3rd rule on an H test) on my top tension on my six head machine birds nests have been almost non existent and we did almost 5500 pieces this year. And in previous years birds nest were a noticeable nuisance.

If your tension is in range you shouldn't get birds nests. Check out this great video for more info.

Best Luck

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