Hello all

Tell us a little about you and where you are from and get acquainted with everyone.
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Hello all

Post by matrophy » Sat Nov 16, 2019 4:33 pm

This is Colin. I owned a retail engraving and embroidery shop in Menlo Park, CA
until June 2018 when we closed our store and moved to Corvallis, OR.
We still do a decent amount of work for our previous corporate California customers but nothing like the
volume that we used to do.

I have a NEO that I bought in 2010 when the contract embroiderer that I used previously decided to retire. At the time, I had an employee who received the Tajima training while I was sort of listening, answering the phone and waiting on customers. She did the embroidery for us while she was with us.
As most of your good people eventually do, she left for another job and I was suddenly in charge of embroidery. Therefore, i am mostly self-taught with help from these forums and Hirsch tech support.

I also have 2 rotary and one laser engravers.

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