grinding noise

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grinding noise

Post by DancingBayEmbroidery » Sat Apr 18, 2020 4:19 pm

Machine: TFMX-IIC1504

I was sewing a tension test and broke a needle. There was a grinding noise. I jumped up and pressed stop. The machine had not stopped, but I think it had time to stop. I turned that head off so I could finish up on the other heads, but the grinding noise is still there. It sounds like it's coming from the bobbin arm, but not sure. I pulled the bobbin out and took the plate off. I did a thread trim and that hook assembly isn't spinning. Not sure how to take it apart to find the needle piece.

Any advice or anyone willing to call me and walk me through it?

A huge order and several small orders came in Thursday and Friday, so I really need my 4 head working asap.

Dancing Bay Embroidery

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Re: grinding noise

Post by WalkerCustomCreation » Wed Jun 10, 2020 11:23 pm

Did you get this figured out? On our SWF we had a similar situation, broke a needle and the tip jammed behind the rotary hook and made a grinding noise. I was able to pry it out using another needle or possibly a small screwdriver, been a while.

The hook not turning probably means the set screws on the hook broke loose which means it will have to be re-timed. But you probably know all this by now since it's June.

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